BTR Solicitation Notice

Manuscripts include: frontier technologies related to blockchain digital asset informatization, blockchain technology solutions, blockchain application solutions, etc.
Notes for submission
1) The articles are concise and logical.
2) Submission box: [email protected]
3) Please indicate the type, exact wallet address, email, if there is a telegram or Facebook, please also indicate. In addition, please note the source, whether published, the author's background and other relevant information, otherwise it can not be used.
4) If the contributions are reviewed by Baiyin community and published on many websites and media platforms, we will inform the author by email and pay the contribution fee according to the quality of the manuscript (500 BTR below 2000 words and 1000 BTR above 3000 words)
Note: special contribution fee for special contributions.
5) Those who plagiarize or plagiarize shall be responsible for their own responsibility.
6) This solicitation is from BTR community team, which is not a real media. Therefore, we have no right to issue any relevant certificates to the author.
You are welcome to contribute. If his works reach the required quantity, he can also become a columnist of bitsilver's media column.
Please read the above instructions carefully before submission. Thank you for your support and trust.